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How to Do It

Jumping Rope

Girls jumping rope

What you'll need

A rope! Duh. But not all ropes are actually made of rope. Ropes come in cloth (regular rope), speed (skinny cord), beaded (plastic beads that CLACK when they hit the ground), and even electric.

Play it safe

Avoid spills — set the right length for your rope. To find out what that is, stand on the center of the cord and pull the handles up so they fit right under your arms. When you jump over the rope, the rope should just brush the floor under your feet. If it doesn't touch the floor, it's too short. If it hits the floor in front of your feet, it's too long.

How to play

Jumping rope, aside from being a great way to help build strong bones, is a competitive sport. Jumpers of all ages can compete nationally in categories such as speed, freestyle, and double dutch, which is where two ropes are turned like an egg-beater by two turners, while one or two people jump within the moving ropes.

Rhyme Time.

Check out these great jump rope rhymes, or make up your own.

Miss Mary Mack
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Red Hot Pepper

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For more information on how to jump rope click here.



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