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How to Do It


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What you'll need

What you need to wear depends on the type of dancing you will be doing — dance styles range from ballroom and ballet to hip hop and salsa. For ballet, you'll need a more specific uniform of leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. For others, wearing comfortable clothes you can move in easily is all you need.

Play it safe

Dancing is an amazing workout! Make sure you stretch to help your muscles get stronger and more flexible. Focus on warming up your ankles and feet to avoid common dancing injuries like sprains and strains. Don't forget to cool down too.

How to play

Dancing is as simple as moving in time to music. Practice at home by moving your feet and hips to the beat (you can usually pick up the beat by counting repeatedly to four. Make sure you move your arms around a bit as well. Let your body move as naturally as possible to the rhythm to help it look smooth, not jerky or stiff. If you lose the rhythm, just go back to counting the beats again.

Sound complicated? Step-by-step instructions on dancing can be found in videos online or at your local library. But remember: Dancing is meant to be fun, so grab your BFFs and host a dance party in your den! Put on your favorite tunes and soon you'll be dancing with the best of them.



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