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How To Do It


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What you'll need

Cheerleading is a fun physical activity that's good for your bones. You'll need a good comfortable pair of sneakers that provide a lot of support and cushion for your feet. Also, many cheerleaders use spirit-raising tools such as pom-poms and megaphones.

Play it safe

Make sure you're well conditioned for all those kicks, jumps, and splits. Warm up before each practice and game, and focus on stretching your legs and back.

How to play

Cheerleading is a fast-paced competitive sport that's good for your bones and involves a high level of endurance, strength and precision. If you're just starting out, here are some basic cheerleading motions:

Arm Motions

Goal Post. Arms should be above your head, straight up in the air, and touching the side of your head. Your fists should be closed with your thumbs facing each other.

High V. From the goal post position, move your arms out slightly wider to form a high V. Your arms should be slightly in front of you so that you can see your fists out of the corner of your eyes.

Low V. For this motion, the opposite of a high V, move your arms down into a v-like position by your sides.

Basic T. Your arms should be straight out on each side, in line with your shoulders. Your body should look like a T.

Jump Tips

There are four main parts to a jump:

The Prep. Begin with your feet together with your weight on your toes. Move your arms to a high V position and keep your shoulders back.

The Whip. Next, lift your body up through your shoulders, quickly swinging your arms forward in a circle. Bend at the knees, keeping on the balls of your feet, building up to the lift.

The Lift. When your arms complete their circle to the high V position, jump off the ground, pushing through your toes. Once you are in the air, pull your legs up toward your arms. Keep your toes pointed, your arms stiff, and your head up.

The Landing. Bring your legs together quickly so that your feet are together when they hit the ground. Bend your knees slightly to absorb the weight and take the pressure of your legs.

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