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List of Foods with Calcium and Vitamin D

Processed cheese slices How much is an ounce?

1 ounce =

  • 1 slice of cheese, single-wrapped
  • 1 cup of cereal
  • 20-25 almonds

Girls ages 9-18 should aim for 1,300 milligrams (mg) of calcium and plenty of vitamin D every day. Check out the chart to learn what foods have calcium and vitamin D.

Note that calcium content varies depending on ingredients for many foods. That means a food may have a little more or a little less calcium than what is listed on this chart, because different brands may have slightly different ingredients. Check food labels to see how much calcium is in a specific food.

Make sure to choose fat-free or low-fat versions of these foods.

Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D*


* Foods that have this icon in front of them= Star. may also be fortified with vitamin D. Check the label!

FoodPortionMg of Calcium
Star. Fat free1 cup306
Star. Lactose reduced, fat free1 cup300
Star. 1% low fat1 cup290
Star. Plain, fat free8 ounces452
Star. Fruit, low fat8 ounces345
Star. Frozen yogurt, vanilla, soft serve1/2 cup103
Star. Pasteurized process Swiss2 ounces438
Ricotta, part skim1/2 cup335
Pasteurized process American2 ounces323
Mozzarella, part skim1.5 ounces311
Fortified foods  
Star. Soy drink with added calcium1 cup368
Star. Orange juice with added calcium1 cup300
Star. Tofu with added calcium1/2 cup253
Star. Cereal with added calcium1 ounce236-1043
Star. Cereal bar with added calcium1 bar200
Bread with added calcium1 slice100
Whole-grain tortilla with added calcium1 tortilla40
Collards, cooked from frozen1/2 cup178
Spinach, cooked from frozen1/2 cup146
Kale, cooked from frozen1/2 cup90
Bok choy, cooked from fresh1/2 cup79
Broccoli, cooked or fresh1 cup61
Other foods  
Soybeans, green, cooked1/2 cup130
White beans, canned1/2 cup96
Almonds, dry roasted1 ounce75

Learn more!

See the Dietary Guidelines of America chart for non-dairy and dairy sources of calcium.


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