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What Girls Think About Calcium and Vitamin D

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What does your daughter think about calcium and vitamin D? Well, if she's like most girls, research shows she knows calcium helps bones grow strong and that calcium is found in foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt. But she may not know that many other foods have calcium too... or how much she needs. Also, most girls didn't know the role vitamin D plays in bone health — or how to get it other than by drinking milk.

Many girls think they get enough calcium every day — yet research shows that fewer than 1 in 10 girls actually get enough. One factor that prevents girls from getting 1,300 mg of calcium is they may not think foods with calcium are tasty or cool.

The foods you eat and make available at home have a big impact on what your daughter chooses to eat. Keep your kitchen stocked with snacks like string cheese and almonds, and prepare foods with calcium and vitamin D. Check out these tasty recipes for ideas.

Want to find out what girls think about bone-strengthening activity?

Source: Best Bones Forever!™ focus groups with girls ages 8-16, August 2008


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