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Throw a Best Bones Forever! party!

Girl dancing at a BBF! Event

Planning an event at your school? Make it a Best Bones Forever! themed party with some of these ideas:

  • Pep rally—Get students excited about eating right and exercising with a special event in the gym! Some ideas for a successful pep rally (the campaign launched with a fun pep rally at a middle school in North Las Vegas, Nevada) include:
    • Three-legged race  with students (and their BFFs)
    • Smoothie demonstrations
    • Basketball or soccer skills workshop  
    • Jump roping contest
  • Writing contest—Have students submit poems, songs, stories, or other creative writing samples about bone health. Compile the winning submissions in a book and hold a book signing party so the winners can autograph their submissions.
  • Hold a health fair/field day—Include typical field day activities such as the 50-yard dash and wheelbarrow races, as well as other physical activities, from soccer to softball to cheerleading. Invite local nutritionists and pediatricians to talk to students about bone health. Hold taste tests or food demonstrations as well.
  • Milk mustache and taste test—Have students try regular milk, soymilk, and lactose-reduced milk to determine their favorite. Take pictures with their “milk mustaches.”
  • Hold a fifth grade sleepover—Prepare girls for middle school with a sleepover. Serve bone-healthy foods, hold a dance contest, and have girls from the middle school come and talk to them about the upcoming experience. You can do the same thing with eighth-grade girls to prepare them for high school.


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