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Best for Bones Activities

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Tips to Try at Home

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How To Help Your Daughter Build Strong Bones

Set a Good Example

  • Your daughter cares about what you do and think. Keep your bones healthy and your body in tune with regular physical activity. Show her all the ways to build strong bones, and how much fun you can have while doing it.
  • Avoid bone bandits that may put you and your daughter at risk for osteoporosis later in life, and she will learn to avoid them too!

Inform Her

  • Introduce your daughter to Best Bones Forever!™ for girl-friendly information about building strong bones through physical activity.
  • Remind her that physical activity can give her strength, a healthy body, and a chance to be with her friends and have fun.
  • Explain that being healthy is worth the effort. It is much easier for her to develop healthy habits now and keep them than to try to develop them as she gets older.

Provide Opportunities

  • Suggest fun activities, such as basketball, soccer, and tennis, which she can do to meet new friends or to spend time with old ones.
  • Encourage her to be active with friends, instead of watching television or chatting with them on the telephone or computer. Suggest that they go on a walk or have a dance party together.
  • Ask her if she is interested in signing up for a team activity such as cheerleading or volleyball, a class such as tae kwon do, or more individual activities such as gymnastics or dance.
  • Take her to parks and community recreation centers.
  • Bring her to your gym to do aerobic classes with you or put on a video at home and do it together.
  • Encourage her to set goals. Start with easy activities and build up to harder ones.
  • If she lacks skills and confidence, introduce her to fun and simple activities, like walking or jumping rope.
  • Do fun physical activities as a family — take hikes, play tag, or throw the Frisbee. It's a great way to connect and keep the entire family healthy.

Support Her

  • Show your pride! Your daughter looks to you for support and encouragement. Take part in her games, competitions, or practices to let her know how proud of her you are.
  • Remind her to keep moving — send your daughter regular text messages to encourage her to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Check out sample fun text messages here.


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Grow strong together... stay strong forever!

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