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Best for Bones Activities

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Real Solutions to Bone Health Challenges

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You're not alone. Parents everywhere face barriers that make it tough to ensure their daughters get the physical activity they need for good health and building strong bones. Turn challenges into opportunities to help yourself and your family.

Health Concerns
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  • Be ready for activity wherever you are. Keep comfortable clothes and sneakers ready for when you or your daughter have a moment to spare.
  • Turn everyday activities into bone builders. For example, suggest your daughter take the stairs whenever she can, do push-ups or jump rope during TV commercials, or dance as she does household chores like dusting or vacuuming. Try turning on upbeat music as she does her chores — she may become more energetic and start dancing around without even noticing!
  • Make bone-strengthening activity a family weekend event. Take a hike together or organize a family basketball, soccer, or volleyball game. Try one of these tips.


  • If the costs for the registration, physicals, uniforms, and travel associated with your daughter's team put your family over its budget, check into lower cost programs sponsored by your local parks and recreation department.
  • Join your daughter in physical activities that require little or no equipment, such as walking, jumping rope, and hiking. Invite her friends over to join in, or host a dance party for them.

Health Concerns

  • Talk to your daughter's doctor before she begins any new physical activity to help her find the right activity for her.
  • Physical disability — People with disabilities often participate in physical activities that are not bone strengthening, such as skiing and water sports. If your daughter's disability makes it hard for her to join in bone-strengthening activities, ask her doctor about special equipment that may allow her to participate. Also, help her build strong bones with resistance activities, such as using resistance bands or weight training. And take a look at these resources:
  • Asthma — Work with your daughter's doctor to find a bone-healthy, asthma-friendly activity like golf, walking, or weight training.*

*Make sure to check with your daughter's doctor before she begins weight training to suggest an age-appropriate program.

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  • The following sections will help you to better understand how and why to participate in these activities:


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