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What Do Girls Think About Physical Activity?

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Do you ever wonder what your daughter really thinks about being physically active? What motivates her to get moving? What holds her back?

Research shows that if your daughter is like most girls, she doesn't know that bone-strengthening activity helps build strong bones. She does know that physical activity can increase her strength, confidence, and skills, and give her the opportunity for social interaction and fun. Unfortunately, participation in physical activity drops as girls get older. In one survey, half of girls ages 8-10 said they get some physical activity at school every day. That number dropped to 19 percent of girls in high school.*

Girls say their main reasons for playing sports are to have fun, control their weight, and be with friends. They often don't know how often they should exercise or for how long.

To help your daughter get interested in physical activity, encourage her to take up activities she can do with her friends, like tennis or hiking. She may not choose to participate in physical activity if she lacks skills and confidence, or if she simply has lost interest during her teenage years. If she has continued to participate in physical activity as she's grown older, she probably prefers team sports to the physical activities she used to like, such as playing and running.

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Source: Girl Scout Research Institute survey, 2,060 girls ages 8-17, December 2004


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