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Best for Bones Activities

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Activities to Do As a Family

Activity ideas:

  • Still too cold to go outside? Pop in a fitness DVD or active video game the whole family can enjoy. 
  • If your local amusement park is open, spring is a great time to visit. The lines are shorter and you can spend the day strolling around the park.
  • Pick a culture and plan activities around it. Always wanted to go to Italy? Head to an opera or art museum then sample some Italian cuisine. Think beyond pizza, and have your daughter help you make this healthy and delicious recipe: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Delizioso!
  • Plan a nature sculpture hike. First, spray paint cardboard boxes of different sizes, paper towel holders, etc. Then give each family member a bag and have everyone pick things from nature, like leaves, flowers, and twigs they can glue to the cardboard. Crafty tweens can even add glitter and other fun accessories. Then display your artwork as a spring centerpiece for your table or mantel.
  • Flowers are blooming! Tour an arboretum or outdoor garden and snap some great shots!
Do This with your Daughter.

Teach your daughter the joy of giving. Take her shopping and have her help pick out small gifts that mothers and kids would enjoy, then wrap them and take them together to donate to women and children in a local shelter. Plan your visit around Mother’s Day for a special treat.


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