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What kind of a gift giver are you?

Do you go all out or do it yourself? Take this quiz to find out your gift-giving style—and get some great ideas for the holidays!

  1. If you had to buy all your presents at one store, which would you choose?

  2. You want to get your new BFF the perfect gift. You:

    c. Get her a journal—she once mentioned she likes to write
  3. Your family asks you to help decorate the house. You:

  4. Your mom is baking gifts for the neighbors. You contribute by:

  5. Your group of girl friends decides to do a secret gift swap this year. You:

  6. What does your shopping list look like?

You did not answer all of the questions.

You like to go big with everything in your life, and the holidays are no exception! From the first signs of the season at the mall and on the radio, you get excited and begin planning decorations and gifts and parties. You want to make sure everyone gets the gift he or she wants, and your generous, gift-giving spirit is loved by everyone. This year, make sure you pause to spend time with your family and friends, like taking a walk to look at the holiday lights or stringing popcorn for the tree. Try these ideas for more things you can do with your family (or friends this winter!

You’re sentimental and believe in giving from the heart. You want to make sure everyone you know and love gets something for the holidays. You’re creative and generous, and your gifts are often one-of-a-kind because you’ve made them yourself. Need some more crafty ideas this season? Try making holiday sweet bread or decorating a tote bag or tee for your BFFs.

You’re a practical gift-giver. You want to make sure everyone gets what they need and that you give them something they will use, not just what they want. You take the time to think about each person and what they like and dislike. While your gifts are probably not the most expensive, they are very appreciated! No matter what your BFF likes, you can find it here—with the Best Bones Forever! logo! 

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