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What’s your fitness personality?

You may have learned from this site that activities that include running and jumping are great for your bones. There are lots of different activities to choose from—but which one should you try? Take this quiz to find the activity that’s right for your personality!

  1. Your school play is The Wizard of Oz. Which part do you audition for?
    The Wicked Witch—it’s way more fun to play the bad guy

  2. You’ve just started the one-mile timed run for PE. What’s your goal?

  3. You’re shopping for shoes. What are you looking for?

  4. It’s Recognition Day at school. You prepare to

    Take your seat in the bleachers to cheer on your friends
  5. Which of these personality traits do you value most?

  6. You’re hiking with your friends when you realize that nothing looks familiar. What do you do?

You did not answer all of the questions.

Solo Artist

You're ambitious and intelligent and are always up for new challenges. While you enjoy being with your friends and family, you’re just as happy to be by yourself. Whether in school or in sports, you’re competitive, but your biggest competition is often yourself. You strive to succeed in everything you do whether it’s getting the highest grade on a history quiz or running an extra lap around the track. You might enjoy competitive activities you can do solo, like running or jumping rope. When you’re feeling a bit tense, try yoga or Pilates to help you feel balanced.

Leader of the Pack

Your friends come to you for fashion advice, since you’re always in the know. You’re confident and not afraid to take risks—and not just with fashion. When it comes to sports, you like to be part of a team, but enjoy being in the spotlight too. Consider a team sport that enables you to shine, like soccer or basketball. While you’re still relying on the strength of your teammates, you can soak up the stardom that comes with scoring goals and sinking baskets. You might also try track and field or gymnastics, where you compete in your own activity, but your teammates are still important to the overall ranking.

Physical activity is important for your overall health—as well as your bones! Finding the physical activity that’s right for you is important, but, most of all, make sure it’s fun! Grab your BFF and get moving!

Team Player

You’re not one to hog the spotlight—in fact, you prefer to hang back and let others lead. Your go-with-the-flow personality means you often follow other's ideas on where to hang out and what to do. You're not afraid to state your opinion when necessary, but for the most part, you're the peacemaker in the crowd. You may want to try a sport that requires an equal effort from each player, like volleyball, badminton, or softball.

Physical activity is important for your overall health—as well as your bones! Finding the physical activity that's right for you is important, but, most of all, make sure it's fun! Grab your BFF and get moving!

This quiz is just for fun! If you have questions about nutrition, physical activity, or bone health, be sure to talk to your doctor.



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