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What Dance Style Fits You Best?

Are you a graceful ballerina or a sassy salsa dancer? Does hip hop or country western make you want to move? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. What show do you always make sure to record?

  2. It's Friday. What are your plans for the evening?

  3. What is your favorite color?

  4. What's your favorite thing to wear?

  5. What's your dream vacation?

  6. What type of music gets you in the mood to dance?

You did not answer all of the questions.

You have the fiery spirit of a salsa dancer!

You love being the center of attention and are not afraid to take risks. You are a thrill-seeker who enjoys roller coasters, horror movies, and surfing and don’t mind working hard to learn and do the activities you enjoy. You are also very trusting in others, which is important in salsa dancing. This style features lots of fast moves and partner lifts and is a great activity to get you moving!

All signs pointe to a ballerina!

You are hard-working, whether it's studying for a test or dance classes, and you put your all into doing your best. You'll need it for ballet (and any other classically trained dance style), as it takes a lot of dedication. You are also graceful and loyal to your friends. They know they can confide in you! You are quiet but not shy, and love to look your best. While you enjoy being with a group, you also need time to be by yourself or with your close friends and family.

Your savvy street style says you could be a hip hop dancer.

Your style is edgy and cool, but you have a heart of gold. Your no-nonsense attitude makes you a natural leader, and your friends look up to you. You also have lots of energy and love to move—you'll need them for hip hop dancing, which requires lots of flexibility and endurance!

This quiz is just for fun! If you have questions about nutrition, physical activity, or bone health, be sure to talk to your doctor.



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