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Are you building your Best Bones Forever?

Is your relationship with your Mom amazing, so-so, or a never-ending tug of war? Take this quiz to find out. 

  1. You're having a sleepover with your BFFs. What snacks do you have on hand?

  2. Where do you head after school?

  3. It's a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. How do you spend it with your family?

  4. You're in the lunch line. What do you pick?

  5. Drinking milk gives you a stomachache. What do you eat or drink for the calcium your bones need to grow strong?

  6. You're running late for school. What do you do for breakfast?

You did not answer all of the questions.

It's time to make better bone health choices.

You love hanging with your friends and family, so get your BFF to join you in a dance contest in your living room or take a walk with your family. Also, don't skip breakfast! This important meal gives you energy and the calcium you need to build strong bones!

You're on your way to being a bone builder!

You're a girl on the go, so how can you get the physical activity your bones need? Break it up throughout the day — walk your dog in the morning then jump rope with your friends after school. While you're running around, fuel up with snacks of almonds and string cheese.

Congratulations! You're building your Best Bones Forever!™

You love how good it feels to be healthy and active. You make sure you eat lots of foods with calcium and vitamin D every day and get enough physical activity. Now make sure you grab your BBF and help her build strong bones too!

This quiz is just for fun! If you have questions about nutrition, physical activity, or bone health, be sure to talk to your doctor.



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Grow strong together... stay strong forever!

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