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Are you as Bone-Health Savvy as You Think?

Yeah, you're smart about school, guys, and the real scoop on all the hot bands. But do you know enough about powerful bones? Take this quiz to see how much you really know. If you score high enough, you just might win a cyber trophy.
  1. You're babysitting your little sister and you have to make a healthy dinner with vegetables. What should a bone-smart babysitter pick?

  2. Your best friend's mom — a total health fanatic — says "ok" to a sleepover party, but only with a healthy party menu. With bone health in mind, you suggest...

  3. Mom and dad are away! You could drink soda all day, but for strong bones you...
  4. It's been storming for days and you're tired of being shut in. What is the best way to get some bone-strengthening activity?

  5. You totally love your swim team, but to get some bone-strengthening activity, too, you...

  6. You're eating out with friends after a basketball game. Everyone orders chicken tenders and soda, but for healthy bones you order...

  7. Your parents think you get all the physical activity you need in PE class, so they don't worry about physical activities at home. What should you do?

  8. Your best pal won't drink milk or eat yogurt or cheese, either. But calcium is important for strong bones. What can you do?

  9. You're psyched. You're in the school play, and you've landed the leading role. But afternoon rehearsals mean less physical activity. How can you fit it all in?
  10. Summer vacation at an amusement park! Your brother wants to grab dinner at the corn dog stand. And for calcium?
  11. It's Saturday and you're playing basketball with friends when it starts to rain! What should a powerful girl do?

  12. School's out for the summer — Yay! How can you have a bone-healthy summer?



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