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Snapshot: Tara Lipinski

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Tara Lipinski with ice skates

In 1997-1998, Tara Lipinski became the youngest figure skater ever to win the National and World championships as well as the gold medal at the Olympics—a title she still holds today! Since the Olympics, Tara has starred in TV movies and shows. She has also remained active in the figure skating world as an Analyst for Universal Sports and NBC Sports for major figure skating events.

Hometown: Philadelphia

Interests and Hobbies: Figure Skating J  Travel, Reading, Hanging with friends

Favorite Bone-Building Snack (high in calcium and/or vitamin D): Bowl of cereal any time of day, slow-churned ice cream

Favorite Activity: Yoga

Who’s your BFF? Allyson Connolly

Favorite thing to do with your BFF? YogaHop, travel and just hanging out—we can find fun in anything we do!

What advice do you have for other girls? If you want your mind and body to be strong, always be aware of what you are putting into it. Food is your fuel! Find an activity that you love—For me figure skating is great for my body but also brings me great joy.

Do you have a role model? Who is it and why? My mom. She is such a strong woman and has always made me feel that I could accomplish anything I wanted in my life with a little hard work. She gives me guidance when I need it and is my best friend at the same time.

What's one quirky thing people don't know about you? I don’t like Sundays, it’s the end of the week and I like beginnings much better. Mondays are great!



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