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Make a Smart Start to Your Day

Bowl of cereal

What's your typical morning routine?
Do you make time to eat a bowl of cereal or toast?
Do you grab a cereal bar on your way out the door?
Or do you skip breakfast altogether?

Many girls don't eat this important meal and miss out on the many benefits of breakfast (and lots of yummy foods with calcium and vitamin D!).

What's Good About Breakfast

Gives you energy to get through math class
Fills you up so you're less tempted to snack
Makes you more alert (to help you do well on that pop quiz in second period)
Can help prevent weight gain
Is a great time to get the calcium and vitamin D you need!

Make time for one of these tasty breakfast choices.

Barriers to a Healthy Breakfast

What's stopping you from getting a healthy breakfast?

Too busy? Not hungry? Worried about weight gain? Find the one that fits you best, then try some of these tips and see how they work!

I don't have time for breakfast!
I'm not hungry in the morning!
Drinking milk will make me fat!
I can't drink milk!
I'm a vegetarian/vegan!

Pink skeleton. I don't have time for breakfast!

It's hard enough getting out of bed in time for school, much less finding time to make breakfast! So what's a girl on the go to do? Grab one or two of these on your way out the door:

  • cereal bar with added calcium
  • calcium-fortified juice box
  • low-fat cheese wrapped in a calcium-fortified tortilla and zapped in the microwave for 30-45 seconds
  • banana
  • low-fat string cheese
  • waffle made with milk and topped with peanut butter

Pink skeleton. I'm not hungry in the morning!

Think skipping breakfast is a smart move for weight loss? Think again! People who skip breakfast may actually gain more weight, because they are hungrier and eat more throughout the day.

If you're not hungry right away, pack a zipped bag full of almonds and dried fruit to munch on throughout the morning. This will help you stay energized and keep you from eating the entire cafeteria at lunch!

Pink skeleton. Drinking milk will make me fat!

Not true! Studies show girls who eat cereal regularly are less likely to become overweight. Plus, you can also choose fat-free or low-fat milk instead of whole milk — they have the same amount of calcium with fewer calories.

Pink skeleton. I can't drink milk!

Some people find it difficult to drink milk or eat dairy products because they are lactose intolerant. If your doctor has told you that you are lactose intolerant, you may be able to still enjoy dairy foods in small amounts, including milk, cheese (particularly Swiss and cheddar), yogurt, and ice cream. Yum! Learn more about Lactose Intolerance and tips to help you get the calcium you need.

You can also get your calcium from these non-dairy foods.

Pink skeleton. I'm a vegetarian/vegan!

There's more to breakfast than dairy foods and bacon. There are lots of great choices for breakfast if you are a vegetarian (you don't eat meat) or a vegan (you don't eat any animal products including dairy). However, it's important to be careful not to miss out on important nutrients, including calcium. Try eating these non dairy foods to help you get the nutrients you need.

Calcium is just one nutrient you need to be aware of as a vegetarian or vegan. Learn more about your unique nutritional needs here 



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